Border Jazz

11/2021 – BORDER JAZZ

BORDER JAZZ • Nicolas Prost & Sébastien Paindestre & Guests

15 world premieres by famous jazz artists dedicated to the Duo. Music between classical and jazz styles

“At the border of Jazz”, this program is a real challenge by associating a classical concertist Nicolas Prost with a jazz musician Sébastien Paindestre. It is a elabored learned Jazz or « imaginary classic » with openness to improvisation. The program is given exclusively since it is only about pieces written for the duo Nicolas Prost + Sebastien Paindestre touring in Europe, Usa and Japan. All the composers / including Wayne Shorter, Branford Marsalis, Chris Potter, James Carter, Ibrahim Maalouf, John Helliwell, Bojan Z, Anne Paceo, Olivier Calmel, Baptiste Herbin, Baptiste Trotignon, Henri Texier, Alban Darche, Airelle Besson, Céline Bonacina, Pierrick Pedron, Avishai Cohen, Franck Tortiller, Dave Schroeder, Stéphane Colin, Nguyen Le, Laurent de Wilde, Philippe Portejoie, Sébastien Paindestre / evolve in the world of « jazz » and popular music and have had specifications to compose « à la classique » These are « recognized » artists who attract a new audience here through the mixing of these two musical universes attracted to each other, like Gershwin and Bernstein in the XX° century. In addition to the world premieres dedicated to the Duo, there are some pieces of a famous chamber music litterature in this « double-style » included composers Phil Woods, Michel Petrucciani, Tony Murena, Chick Corea, John Zorn etc.

Guests : Anne Lecapelain, Chloé Caillton, Gwendeline Lumaret, Timothy McAllister, Stéphane Colin, Hirokazu Ishida, Christophe Panzani, Nicolas Chelly, Florian Bellecourt, Olivier Calmel, Dave Schroeder, Marc Buronfosse, Bruno Schorp, Stéphane Chandelier, Frédéric Delestré, Hidéhiko Kan.